Aesthetically Pleasing (And Functional!) Solar Panel Slate Roofing

These innovative solar slates from Heritage Solar Slate have been developed with similar aesthetic properties to roofing slates. They are fully weather proof and, unlike traditional solar panels, blend in with standard roof slates to provide an aesthetically pleasing solar panel roof. Heritage Solar Slates are ideal for use in conservation areas, on historic buildings, new builds or renovation projects. It is hoped that the slate panels will enable groups like The UK’s National Trust to reduce the carbon footprint of historical buildings and attractions.

They combine the latest in photovoltaic technology with a roof slate that is so convincing that it was installed on a Grade 1 listed building, an English Heritage certified “Exceptional” building, and has met with full planning approval.

Using the latest photovoltaic technology, the Heritage Solar Slates offers reliable, maintenance free, easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing solar panels.

For more information, visit the Heritage Solar Slate website.


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