Inspiration: NYC Subway

Inspired by his love of New York City, architect Adam Kushner transformed this West Village apartment into a stunning space highlighted by a collection of repurposed parts. Salvaging pieces from the city’s subways, as well as cutting boards from local delis, Kushner was able to beautifully (and inexpensively) revamp this penthouse into a destination teeming with character. The project is not only impressive in its use of recycled materials, but has also been immaculately executed, becoming a source of inspiration.

Many of the duplex walls are lined with recycled New York City Subway tiles. Guests enter the apartment through an old subway car door, which also adorn all of the closets in the house, adding a touch New York grit throughout the space. Kushner reportedly bought the Subway remnants for only $200.

Furthermore, the architect created a floor comprised of cast-off deli counter cutting boards. Salvaged wood and stainless steel are used throughout the space to echo the subway aesthetic. Like any penthouse, luxury is not kept to a minimum. The upstairs features a sloping aerodynamic ceiling, and opens up to a retractable roof where a meditation pool and terrace await.

[via Inhabitat]

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