Image: Perkins+WillFibroCITY, a proposal centered around Houston, TX by architecture firm Perkins+Will, operates as a restorative catalyst for communities that have been segregated by 20th century superhighways and the environment built around the car.

The 15-acre fibroCITY core reclaims the spaces that once were by providing interwoven programmatic elements. It provides the platform for the city to reconnect and re-develop through a new avenue of growth.

Image: Perkins+WillA city should be cohesive with connections running throughout, not fraught with lacerations that separate it. A regenerative approach becomes critical to provide the means for a city to heal itself from the lesions made by the intrusion of superhighways into urban environments. A large incision has been made resulting in an environment built to the vehicular scale.

Image: Perkins+WillThe city of Houston has the opportunity to transition from Energy Capital of the World, to the Conservation Capital of the World by looking at its resources and planting seeds of urban healing. For the past few decades the City of Houston has seen fast-paced and (largely) uncontrolled growth leading to interstate and highway expansions, sprawl, divided neighborhoods, and air quality related health issues.

Image: Perkins+Will

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