The Great Wall

Seoul based firm, Yamasaki Ku Hong Associates Design Lab, designed ‘The Great Wall,’ a mixed used housing complex that is currently in progress in Suizhong, China. The complex also includes office, retail and differentiated public outdoor courtyards which are sandwiched in between two different types of retail, which allows for a concentrated and continuous shopping experience.

The idea of stacking small-size factories in an apartment format is received well, but there have been some problems associated with access to day-lighting and poor working conditions. As a response, they tried to develop next generation ‘apt-factories’ with improved ecological, economical, flexible and social bases in mind.

This horizontal mega structure with an integration of inner plazas are brought together with historical precedents. Since the site is close to the eastern end of the ‘Great Wall of China’, the idea of surrounding the site with the band of a ‘Great Wall’ pattern in a ‘Hakka Housing’ format was a basic concept. The result was eight distinctive courts filled with variety of entertainment and ‘green’ venues; these courts also allow additional day-lighting and views.

Blending with the Korean method of mixing live, work and play housed in a next generation hybrid structure becomes an exciting gathering place for the people of China. This was created by applying a theme and variations methodology derived and superimposed by ancient Chinese and Korean historical patterns and culture.

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