Big Night: FORM Magazine Hosts “Work Ethic” Event


FORM Magazine recently hosted “Work Ethic,” an event featuring some of the biggest names in architecture and real estate. Image via FORM Magazine.From time to time, FORM Magazine hosts compelling events that bring together architects, designers, developers, real estate professionals and more. Recently, FORM produced another great event—this time a thought-provoking evening held at the Cuningham Group in Culver City. Guests were treated to a panel discussion by architectural and real estate industry titans: John Marx of Form4 Architecture, Michael White of Gensler, Arty Maharajh of Transwestern and Jonathan Watts of Cuningham Group Architecture. The panel, moderated by FORM Magazine contributor Jack Skelley, discussed multifunctional and creative office space design and construction, the evolving needs of the workplace, and the challenges faced in meeting those needs in a recovering economy. The Cuningham Group’s innovative and dynamic new office space was cited as a great example of the synergy that can exist between employee job satisfaction and company growth. Attendees dined on a feast of appetizers and delectable desserts. Cocktails, bartenders and mixers were provided by FORM event beverage sponsors Izze and PAMA Beverages. Be sure to check back here for information on our upcoming events. If you’re interested in putting together an event with us, be sure to contact us.  


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