Web Extra: GlasPro’s Glass Panels Transform the Quotidien

Dozens of polished glass panels from GlasPro cover the facade of a Los Angeles Chevron station. Image courtesy GlasPro.

In FORM Magazine’s March/April 2013, we present a round up of some new smart windows. As a special Web-only bonus, we’re pleased to share another great example of glass technology with our digital readers.

Places you might find cutting-edge glass installations: hotels, maybe a chic new restaurant or shop, a gleaming office tower. Gas stations probably don’t make your top 10 list or possibly even your top 20. The glass panels GlasPro created for a gas station in Los Angeles will change your thinking.

The design for the new flagship Chevron outpost turns everything you thought you knew about gas station design on its head—due in large part to the stunning, faceted glass installation covering the building. Using glass from their existing product line, GlasPro worked with a specialty contractor on the project to design a three-dimensional skin for the building, which features polished glass panels in a range of sizes and shapes and required incredibly precise cutting, polishing and lamination. “It was sculptural and textural in nature,” notes GlasPro’s owner, Joe Green.

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