Showroom: The Art of Simplicity

A new light from the German firm Schneid can be customized by swapping out the shade. Photo courtesy Schneid.

For the last few years, Niklas Jessen, who trained as a carpenter and studied architecture, and Julia Mülling, who studied languages before turning her attention to lighting, have been designing graceful, contemporary light fixtures for their firm, Schneid, from their base in Lübeck, Germany. Each of the young duo’s designs, which now number over a half dozen and are primarily made of wood, speaks to simplicity and purity of form. With the Eikon, their newest design, they continue their investigations of elemental forms.

The new light, a pendant fixture, “consists of a turned-ash wooden head and a removable, interchangeable metal shade,” explains Mülling. A simple description, it belies its inherent, elegant complexity. The ash head, with its bold grain, lends a subtle, patterned element to the piece, while the powder-coated shade offers a sleek contrast in the shape and material. What makes the fixture all the more interesting though, is the ingenious shade design. All you have to do to swap out the shade is give it a quick twist. It’s attached via a system of magnets so you (or your client) can switch things out to match the season or even your mood.

Down the road, Schneid plans to introduce additional shade colors and shapes, upping the fascinating exploration formal possibilities. There’s also a lamp with a silicone base in the works that pushes Jessen and Mülling’s material investigations further.

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