Showroom: Global Inspiration for Yabu Pushelberg

Yabu Pushelberg’s new collection for Avenue Road, including the Rua Ipanema chair, is marked by an easy grace. Image courtesy Avenue Road.

Classic yet fresh. Contemporary yet warm. For some 30 years, the design firm of Yabu Pushelberg has been creating outstanding interiors for everything from hotels to retail spaces and beyond. Furnishings, too, have their role in the Yabu Pushelberg portfolio—capturing the same effortless feel that their interiors do. Most recently, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg teamed again with the Toronto-based Avenue Road to introduce seven new designs, inspired by locations around the world.

The new introductions are all of a piece with the Yabu Pushelberg’s previous collaborations with the firm. Yabu points out “As with our previous collections for Avenue Road, the pieces are designed with a heightened level of sophistication. In the case of the Rua Ipanema or Berkeley Square, the pieces were filtered through a slightly more inviting and relaxed lens.”

For the Rua Ipanema chair, the dynamic spirit of Brazil is translated into a sensuous piece of seating furniture reminiscent of the work of some of the great midcentury Brazilian designers. Standing on a swiveling walnut base, the curvy chair envelops the sitter in a chic cocoon.

On the other hand, Berkeley Square sports a more tailored profile, although subtle tweaks keep lend it an of-the-moment presence. The base, in particular, with its flat strips of metal, lightens the profile and plays with ideas of tradition.

Besides seating pieces, a collection of mirrors is also included in the new range. These aren’t just any mirrors, though. Dubbed the 25th, 26th, 27th & 28th Street, the pieces feature shapes that evoke pure, simple, organic forms. Stunning separately, they can be massed together to create a compelling installation.

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