Showroom: Not Your Mother’s Laminate

For its new Ink collection, Arborite tapped three designers to create playful patterns. Photo courtesy, Arborite.

Laminate options just got a little bit more fun with Arborite’s new Ink collection, introduced recently at NeoCon. For the colorful collection, the company tapped three designers: Giona Maiarelli, of Maiarelli Studio; Peggy Leung, of PLD Studio; and Gonzalo Bustamante, of GBDW. “The designers used laminate as a canvas to create innovative and contemporary patterns that are unique to Arborite and unlike any others available on the market,” explains Arborite’s president, Salvatore Rivera.

For Maiarelli, his childhood in Italy informed his design—but not in the way you might think. “Growing up in 1960s Italy and seeing the image of America through the media, I saw all sorts of paneled wood on appliances, cars, televisions, everything!” He translated these memories into a Pyne, a tongue-in-cheek take on traditional imitation-wood laminates and rendered the design in bright, decidedly un-wood-like hues.

Leung, on the other hand, took her cues from mosaic tiles for her design, Chroma. “I wanted to approach them in updated way. By giving it a monochromatic color palette and a flexible scale, it’s a subtle pattern that can be used in a range of spaces.” As an added bonus the pattern is non-repeating and can be used to create a much-larger scale pattern than what would be found in a typical laminate or wallcovering.

Corcho, Bustamante’s design, came, in part, from a place of sustainability. With the world’s cork supply dwindling, he chose to replicate the material in a different form. He also notes,  “I love the look of cork, and by recreating the design on laminate, it makes the material usable in demanding, high traffic hospitality settings.” Like Maiarelli, he did experiment with colors beyond what’s found in nature—it comes in a natural color combination and in a vivid mix.

One thought on “Showroom: Not Your Mother’s Laminate

  1. Great story!!! I Love the new ink collection from Arborite. Thanks for covering it.
    Hope that others feel inspired to use cost effective laminate solutions. Given new product techniques, anything is possible…

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