Showroom: Made Natural

Designer Alice Tacheny’s furniture features clean lines and a focus on materials. Image courtesy Alice Tacheny Design.

“I’ve also been using poured concrete more,” she says (her line now includes the Headlands range of concrete-and-brass boxes). “I started using it this year and experimenting it with it more. I was inspired by postindustrial buildings with poured concrete walls—the imprint of the molds was transposed on concrete itself. I’ve loved working with it, because it’s so versatile.

It’s the small details that set Tacheny’s work apart. The Hide bed, described by Tacheny as “simple and feminine” features unexpected angles in the form of a back rail that flair out—“It’s a way to cradle the user a little bit,” she explains. Instead of being screwed to the faces, the handles and pulls on the Tilde credenza and dresser are set to intersect the wood. On the Platte occasional tables a similar idea is at play: the brass legs intersect with the wood and stand out just a bit, adding a subtle layer of dimensionality to the pieces.

Bet on seeing Tacheny expand her line in the coming years and months to lighting. She’s hinting that she may turn her attention there.

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