Building Your Business: Inspiration Boards on the Go’s new subscription service offers designers a new way to create and manage visualization boards. Image via design professionals, the tools available to streamline processes have increased almost exponentially it seems, with something new to fill just about any need you could possibly imagine. Now add to that bag of tricks. Launched as a beta version at the end of the last year and now fully operational, is a subscription-based online design platform that promises designers the ability to create electronic visualizations of projects—along with lots of other bells and whistles—all in the name of streamlining the design process.

Born out of a designer/client relationship itself—between founders Josh Lippiner and Stephanie Dixon, an interior designer—the site promises to simplify the business of design. Designers can create an unlimited number of boards for each of their projects and easily share them with clients, even contractors. Shopping lists, categorized image libraries and budget sheets can be generated automatically. Details, such as pricing, can be shared or hidden as needed. For busy professionals, the site also offers mobility, so notes and details are always at hand and easily accessible without the need to wade through piles of files and or papers.

Beyond making the nuts and bolts of design a little more seamless, the site also offers a marketing opportunity for designers, who can share their boards on social media if they choose—and even see their boards featured on the site’s marketplace. The idea is, if a potential client spots someone’s work they like, they can contact the designer directly through the site.

For designers interested in taking out for a spin, the site is offering a 14-day trial and a live Webinar to get into the swing of things. It might just prove to be the tool you’ve been looking for.

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