WEB EXTRA: SHOWROOM: Work in Progress

rise photoHumanscale’s new Rise allows users to retrofit an existing workspace, creating a quick and easy sit/stand solution. Image courtesy Humanscale.

In FORM’s current issue, our Workbook section explores some of the new developments in design for the work place. From clever “phone boxes” that create areas for private calls in open-plan spaces to modular solutions that are anything but run of the mill, there’s a lot happening in the category. One trend that definitely doesn’t show any sign of slowing down is the sit/stand work station—and the iterations in between. In the magazine, we cover the ingenious Locus Seat from Focal Upright Furniture, which allows users to find a balance between sitting and standing. Today, we’re sharing with you another entrant into the field.

As has been well-documented of late, sitting isn’t pretty. At least when it comes to our health and especially if we do it for long stretches of time—the research suggests the more time we spend upright (not to mention moving) the better. But what to do? Get an entirely new work station set up? That’s a costly choice. Enter  Rise, which will be making its debut next month.

From the minds at Humanscale, which has established its bona fides in ergonomic design innovation, Rise offers users the flexibility of a sit/stand work station that can be retrofitted to an existing fixed-height work surface simply by clamping it together. It features a central column to hold a monitor and a platform for a keyboard and can be adjusted simply raising or lowering the platform to suit the needs of the user. Want to sit in the morning and stand in the afternoon? Rise makes its almost effortless. It also comes in a variety of configurations so it can easily adapt to users’ varied requirements and includes built in cable management making getting things plugged in and going a snap.

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