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Installed on a back splash in a kitchen by case540, Urban by pw.travelogue captures the iconography of cities on thassos marble tiles. It’s part of one of the several new collections introduced by clé. Image via clé.

In FORM’s current issue, we explore some exciting new tile designs not to mention some killer installations. Maybe it’s becaue we were so intrigued by our editor-in-chief Alexi Drosu’s great photos from Coverings a few weeks back, but we can’t seem to get tile off the brain, so we’ve been on the hunt for more great tile designs, which we’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks. Up first is a group of recent collections from clé. They’re so nifty and different, we had to share all of them.

For the urban by pw.travelogue collection, photographer Peggy Wong’s stunning images of urban iconography are printed on thassos marble tiles to exquisite effect. Capturing everything from the Guggenheim Bilbao by Frank Gehry to Frank Lloyd Wright’s design for the Manhattan museum, the collection is a limited-edition one and can be combined into collages for a stunning installation.

Urban and architectural elements captured by Peggy Wong’s lens make up the dreamy pw.travelogue series for clé. Image via clé.Ruan Hoffmann’s collection Postcards from Myself offers encaustic cement tiles (they can also be had in hand-lithographed or handpainted versions) drawn from the artist’s own travels and loves. Unlike the more static patterns that mark many cement tiles, these are graphic and bold with an light, impressionistic feel. hey look great installed with just a single pattern or in a patckwork.

Postcards from Myself is Ruan Hoffmann’s tile memoir of love and travel rendered in lively, abstract detail on cement tiles. Image via clé.

Deborah Osburn’s Watermark series starts with unglazed porcelain tiles in a parchment hue. Then, they’re dipped, stained, stroked and washed with indigo and gold verdigris pigments to create a dreamy, watery effect. Since they’re handmade (and even handcut, leading to subtle variations in size) each of the tiles is totally unique, making for a rare and lovely design option.

Unglazed porcelain tiles receive a variety of treatments with indigo pigment in Deborah Osburn’s Watermark series for clé. Image via clé

Taking a rather dramatic turn, clé also launched a group of tiles by Osburn, this time inspired by Delftware. Hand-lithographed or hand-painted on limestone, depending on your preference (and budget), the tiles, appropriately-enough named 17th century, capture the feel of classic Dutch design. They come in six patterns and eight different colors, ranging from the traditional blue to more contemporary twists in pink, yellow, persimmon and teal.

Deborah Osburn’s 17th century series for clé draws on Delftware for its inspiration but offers color options that are anything but antique. Image via clé.


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