SHOWROOM: Six Sensational Outdoor Showers

When the weather turns warm, we want to spend all of our time outdoors. What better way to make the most of every moment than by installing an outdoor shower. Want something chic yet handy for rinsing off sand? We’ve got some ideas for you. Looking for the full set-up (and freestanding to boot)? We’ve got that covered too. From designs with all the bells and whistles to replicate the indoor experience outside to minimal options that offer elegant functionality, take a gander at what we’ve found for you!


JACLO Outdoor Shower with Rain Machine Shower Head

This rounded floor installation, constituted of polished stainless steel, offers a glossy garnish to the yard. The shower column comes with hot and cold water valves and a brass rain machine, which contains 100 rubber jets and easily connects to the end of the metal frame.

Sevona freestanding shower panel

This stainless steel, freestanding design offers a simple, rectangular design that will remain inconspicuous in the yard. The sturdy base allows for maximum choice in the shower’s placement, and the coated brass controls, showerhead, and bottom spout–functional both as a tub filler and foot spray–are ensured to never discolor in the sun.

The Fjord: a pre-fab shower by Oborain

This hefty design offers a full private outdoor showering experience, complete with a drainage pan, hose kit, interior bench, soap tray, and towel hooks. It provides opportunity for modification of various materials and wall arrangements, to adjust for accessibility. Sustainable hardwoods and stainless steel frame and fixtures also ensure effortless assembly and durability.

editedbrookstone shower

Empire Outdoor Shower Tree

Those seeking a more organic form may be drawn towards this design, deviating from the linearity characteristic of many other modern showers. Made with UV-resistant resin wicker over a rust-proof aluminum frame, this shower is not only durable but also accessible: it is easily movable and offers simple connection with any garden hose.

Garden Shower by Conmoto

The branches of this abstracted tree design are carefully placed to provide room for hanging towels within reach without dampening them from the shower. Water, which is regulated by an included water tap, launches in a soft jet, avoiding potential harm to the skin. The shower can be fitted effortlessly into the grass, allowing for a quick shift in location, if desired.

Waterfall Shower by Kenkoon Studio

The abundance of teak over stainless steel enables this shower’s harmonization with its outdoor environment. The decorative, twisting water pattern and large, wooden base foster a comfortable showering experience. While a hot and cold tap, faucet and base are all available in the complete set, variations are also offered.

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