FORM News: Help Support This Year’s New Urbanism Film Festival

Building on its inaugural year success, this year’s edition of the New Urbansim Film Festival promises to be bigger and better than ever. Image via New Urbanism Film Festival.

A reading group begat a film festival, at least that’s the short version of the creation story of the New Urbanism Film Festival, now in its second year. The brainchild of founders Josh Paget and Joel Karahadian, the festival brings aims to bring discussions around planning out of the classroom and the conference rooms of city halls and to a broader audience through engaging films. (FORM was on board as a founding sponsor last year, and we’re back again this year!)

To make the festival even bigger and better this time around, Paget and company have established a Kickstarter. For supporting the campaign, there are some really fantastic rewards—posters from urban fabrics, a walking tour of Downtown LA with cultural historian (and X-Files Lone Gunman) Dean Haglund, even dinner and a movie with William Fain.

Check out the trailer for this year’s festival here . . . And check back here for updates as the event approaches, scheduled for November 7–9.

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