Showroom: A Retro Kitchen Design for the 21st Century

editedMarchi St Louis low

Sinuous lines and the choice of soft, yet unexpected colors, defines the new St. Louis kitchen from the Italian firm Marchi Group. The design is now available in the United States. Photo courtesy Marchi Group.

When you think of Italian kitchens, chances are something along these lines comes to mind: sleek, clean, straight lines and right angles, all in crisp blacks, whites and grays. Now think again—or do after you take a look at Marchi Group’s new St. Louis kitchen.

For those looking to capture a bit of retro flair, the kitchen is a sure bet, bringing with it playfulness and serious design chops in equal measure, rendered in lacquered wood, aluminum and glass. One look at it, and you know its designers have reached back into time, remixing beloved old forms and updating them for a new, 21st-century audience. Instead of sharp corners, the frames, the edges of the cabinets and even the metal supports are rounded. Similarly, rather than a 90-degree drop from top to bottom, cabinet options include designs that project out at less than that, creating another unexpected and delightful wrinkle. Small insets of patterned glass are also offered with the cabinet choices, as is a built-in clock. Ribbed aluminum details can be applied to the hood, the cabinets and the counter (available in a range of finishes), upping the old school ante.

Besides the tried and true neutrals—light and dark grays and are all beige options—for those not ready to make a total retro commitment, St. Louis also comes in a pale blue and a pale pink finish, when period authenticity, not to mention a little fun, is the name of the game.

If you’re smitten with this kitchen, and Marchi Group is betting that customers, especially younger ones hankering for a bit of nostalgia for their homes are, you can can check it out in person at the firm’s Brooklyn showroom.


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