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Bertolotto Porte’s new collection of doors by artist Elio Garis includes the Casa Zen range, with designs that reference the patterns of sand in the desert. Image courtesy Bertolotto Porte.When is a door more than a door?

When they double as pieces of sculpture as they do in new collections from the Italian firm Bertolotto Porte. For the new introductions, Casa Zen and Constellazioni, the company tapped Elio Garis, a multi-talented artist, to add to the company’s collections of high-design doors.

He turned to a pair of sandy sources for inspiration for Casa Zen. For the doors, he carves and shapes each in a way that recalls the wind blowing through sand as it constantly shapes and re-shapes surfaces. The work also evokes the raked sand in Japanese rock gardens. The result is a wholly unique object offered in molten glass in a range of hues: white, red, blue, brown, black, orange and green, with either a matte or glossy finish. Sliding and retractable models are also options and custom requests can also be accommodated.

Constellazioni’s engraved designs are taken from the stars. Image courtesy Bertolotto Porte.

Constellazioni, the other new design, marks the International Year of Astronomy. On each door, finely rendered engraving of six constellations float across the surface (Altair, Andromeda, Auriga, Cassiopeia, Pegasus and Vega). As with Casa Zen, the doors are offered in either a matte or polished finish and can be designed as retractable or sliding doors.

The new designs join a range of doors encompassing chic designer creations as well as fire and security doors. Clients may choose from up to 38,000 customizable templates from 35 types of door, 78 colors and a wide assortment of accessories, glass and handles. Bertolotto’s designs can be found in the United States through Ako Design Center in Brooklyn.

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