SHOWROOM Spotlight: Flexform Debuts in San Francisco

Flexform’s new San Francisco showroom offers Bay Area clients a destination filled with warm, modern furniture designs. Image courtesy Flexform. For West Coast fans of chic, sleek furniture, there’s a new kid in town. Flexform, the Italian firm known for its elegant, contemporary pieces, just opened a new showroom in San Francisco. We chatted with Gregory Herman, the owner of the new furniture hotspot, about Flexform and some current furniture trends.

Is there a particular direction in scale that clients are requesting or is it all over the map?  

Yes actually it is a bit all over the map.  Flexform products are very flexible in scale, so, while we typically show larger scale sectional sofas in the showroom, we are able to do much smaller dimension sofas as well for metropolitan living.   

Do you see any particular forms and colors being particularly popular right now?

We have found chenille fabrics to be quite popular at the moment.  Their extremely soft touch and elegant look fit into what many people are looking for. Also natural leather (caramel) colors are quite popular.   

For Flexform, what are some of the more compelling firms to design for?  

As our showroom is quite new we are just starting in the Bay Area, but already we are working on projects with Nike/TVA Architects, Nicole Hollis, Marmol Radziner and others.

In terms of geography, what’s most popular where at the moment?  

This is quite interesting, we have not found that there are large differences of what products sell well in other areas of the world.   What is selling best in Tokyo is likely the same in the United States or Australia.   There is definitely a Flexform style or look, which is elegant, architectural and inviting.  People respond to this and, in general, like it all over the world.

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