EVENTS: What’s Happening with Our Industry Partner—AIA|LA

Explore three centuries of Downtown LA's architectural heritage this month—one of the many AIA|LA events scheduled for October. Image via AIA|LA.

Explore three centuries of Downtown LA’s architectural heritage this month—one of the many AIA|LA events scheduled for October. Image via AIA|LA.

Despite the searing temperatures it really is fall, and the AIA|LA has the line-up of events to prove it. The great minds at our LA chapter have planned tours, seminars, workshops and more to get you inspired and get you thinking throughout the month. Before you do anything, though, be sure to get your tickets to the organization’s marquee October happening—the 2014 Design Awards on the 29th, held at the Million Dollar Theater Downtown. Come out to support your friends and colleagues and have a fantastic evening to boot!

Before all that happens, there are plenty of other events and activities to enjoy. On the 12th, check out The Center for Architecture & Urban Design Los Angeles Presents: 3 Centuries of Downtown Architecture—Late 19th, 20th and early 21st Century, your chance to check out where Downtown has been and where it’s headed. A week later, the popular Breakfast with the Architect series of tours will visit Richard Landry’s new Collingwood Residence, perched high above the Sunset Strip. Hear how the Architect-to-the-Stars made the most of a uniquely challenging site. The following Sunday, AIA|LA TOURS: Culver City by Eric Owen Moss Architects will take you to the Conjunctive Points Theater Complex and the chance to see the façades of some the firm’s iconic Culver City buildings.

The 2014 AIA|LA City Leaders Breakfast Series continues on October 9, too, with speaker Tara Roth, president of the Goldhirsh Foundation, an LA–based grant-making organization dedicating to identifying and supporting emerging talent across disciplines.  Also on tap is another in the ProDev Series—this time tackling the topic How BIM and the CLOUD Are Changing Your Office, on October 22.

If you can believe it, there are even more events planned for the month. Be sure to take a close look at the calendar to get the full scoop. You can also check out the community events listed too—there are some great ones.

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