Showroom Spotlight: The Hot Seat

The Salone del Mobile 2015, the world’s largest home design exhibition, will be held Apr. 14 through 19 in Milan, showcasing more than 2,000 exhibitors and debuting thousands of new products.

01 Brecca_Slide_Roberto PaoliAt FORM, we are previewing a series of light, colorful and multi-purpose chairs that are both useful and beautiful. The Brecca Chair, designed by Roberto Paoli for Italian furniture company, Slide is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a polyurethane body internally reinforced with a metal frame so it is both strong and light.

The Rexite Olivia chair designed by Raul Barbieri is characterized by the iconic circular hole Olivia wood 02 fucsia 231 C
at the back and features solid wood legs. The updated design combines the hardness of plastic with the soft texture of wood in a range of candy colors—pale yellow, pink, light green and blue china. Chairs are also stackable up to 10 pieces.

image003The more restrained design from Passoni Nature presents high-level
craftsmanship with eco-sustainable methods and materials. Devoid of any emissions or noxious components, the elegant chair features five different shades, an ode to fine wines, colored using an innovative, environmentally-friendly dying technique.

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