Workbook: Tre Bicchieri

True to the name of the Sao Paolo restaurant, Tre Bicchieri, translated as Three Glasses, the design features a stunning façade of stacked wine glasses that welcomes guests into the dining area. Designed by Carbondale Paris, the concept aimed to capture not only the name of the establishment but the personalities of the three owners. The façade serves both as an iconic statement, as well as a veiled wall that provides privacy for diners inside.

7a3e83e5-6c3a-4fe6-9142-0949f1604a59The architects designed three different glass styles that were stacked end-to-end to create the wall. A total of 950 glasses were handblown by artisans on Murano in Italy. Carbondale designers then studied the arrangement and density of the glasses to create a pattern that provided the right balance of translucency. Once established, the glasses were attached together using invisible, ultra-violet glue, and placed on clear glass shelves then sandwiched between two layers of façade glass to create an artistic installation. Sensor-bases LED lighting, that illuminates the glasses laterally, adjusts to the changing amounts of natural light and serves as an important factor to ensuring the correct amount of visibility inside.

Carbondale specializes in luxury design, creating high-end retail design for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tag Heuer and Longchamp. Though based in Paris, the firm was founded by American architect Eric Carlson.

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