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This year we’ve decided to devote each issue to the four classical elements: air, water, fire and earth. We begin this journey with air, but instead of looking up into the sky, we look all around us, exploring the ways online technology is changing the face of design.

FORM15_Q1cvr_2J_Page_3In this issue, we spotlight new developments in the Internet of Things, with a focus on smart products for the home in Showroom; and an exclusive interview with Konings & Kopelhoff engineer Wouter Konings takes us inside the development process of these items. In the piece, Konings discussed the need to develop products that matter, not just cool gadgets without a clear purpose. While in Market Watch, we’ve curated a list of six online applications that will help support your design business.

In our feature interview with Carlo Ratti, Director of the MIT SENSEable City Lab, we ponder how collecting “big data” can promote behavioral change and the future of open-source Copenhagen Wheelarchitecture. Lastly, check out the essay, Architecture on the Web, by guest writer, Italian architect and professor Paolo Schianchi.

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