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Smart products for the home



See, hear and speak to anyone knocking on your door with this smart video doorbell. Incorporating a motion sensor, night vision and a wide-angle lens, SkyBell ($199) will monitor who has visited your door through an app compatible with iOS and Android devices. Comes in brushed aluminum and oil-rubbed bronze.



Ozonized water has shown to effectively remove more than 99 percent of the most common food bacteria, such as Salmonella. Now, Lenova introduces its latest LENOVA OzoneFaucetOzone collection faucet design that infuses ozone directly into the spout through a patented chamber. Ozone concentration is under 0.05ppm and meets the standard of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Comes in Single Lever, Twin Lever, Pull Out, Filtered Water, and an Ozone Sensor style. Prices start at $995.


E Ink Prism

IMG_4229This Prism film using e-ink technology allows designers to customize interior spaces with a print or paint-like appearance that
comes alive. Prism materials can be programmed to change automatically, in response to external stimulus, or remain static. Custom prices upon request.


 La Mar Lighting Company

The Long Island company’s newest offering, Shade ($250), is a decorative architectural luminaire thatLaMar SHOS Shade features Occu-Smart® technology. The energy-efficient system incorporates custom-designed ultra-sonic motion sensor with multi-level ballasts that control the bi-level lighting that dims automatically.

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