Showroom Spotlight: Beyond the Iron Curtain

04 KriskaDECOR EXPO MilanKriskaDECOR has been fabricating metal curtains for almost a decade but that doesn’t mean the Spanish company is willing to rest on its laurels. Founder Josep Maria Sans Amill’s moto was that “there is nothing that can’t be done, one just has to find a way.” Today, under the leadership of Josep’s grandchildren, the fabricator continues to experiment with the product and push design boundaries.

At the recent 2015 Milan Expo, the company cloaked the Ecuador Pavilion in anodized aluminum curtains completely covering the three-storey facade in only three days. Incorporating folkloric motifs, traditional shapes and graphic symbols the colorful metal tapestry evokes the05 KriskaDECOR EXPO Milan traditional textile handcrafts of the region. The project was spearheaded by Bilbao-based design consultants Zorrozua y Asociados.

The anodized aluminum can be dyed a vast array of colors and the experts at KristaDECOR can customize the curtains according to design needs. The company also features ready-made collections such as the Gypsette  that captures the spirit of wanderlust, or the more subtle Classic Collection.

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