Workbook Spotlight: Monfalcone Cathedral

Duomo di Monfalcone_NavataSituated in Northern Italy, a stone’s throw away from Slovenia, the Monfalcone Cathedral was recently renovated to elegantly marry the neo-Romanesque inspired style with a more contemporary vision. The cathedral was destroyed in WWI, and between 1926 and 1929 it was rebuilt based on a plan designed by Roman architects Gino Benigni and Francesco Leoni. In 2009, a design by local architect Rodolpho Boscarol was approved by the Vatican, and today we can see the finished result.

Duomo di Monfalcone_Altare_02Each of the liturgical spaces is defined by a different kind of Margraf marble. The Giallo d’Oriente marble alter, placed in the upper presbytery, serves as a striking focal point. Four iron pillars cloaked in Bianco Namibia marble soar upwards framing the only cross in the church. A blanket of gilt iron scales hangs from the pillars to create a golden reverse dome, a symbol of divinity.

At the gospel side of the nave stands an ambo that rests on a Verde Pavone base,Duomo di Monfalcine_Ambone_02 closed off by a coffered balustrade. The Breccia Paradiso marble lecturn is born by two columns symbolizing the angels who announced Christ’s resurrection. Devoid of paintings, icons and an abundance of religious artifacts, the simplicity of the space inspires contemplation.

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