Showroom Spotlight: Craft Services

These original hand-made designs combine innovative materials with a long-standing tradition of craft making.

Ici et Là_Marina Bell blue ONIci et Là

This Barcelona-based company specializes in limited edition, hand-made designs of furniture, lighting and objects using unique materials, such as cardboard, piano keys, and aged steel. The Marina Bell hanging pendant ($450) is crafted from cut and painted cardboard, and comes in blue, white, yellow and pink.


Keating Woodworks

As a fifth-generation furniture maker, crafting with wood seems to MC1_9526bflow through Geoffrey Keating’s veins. He infuses each original (and sustainable) design with his grandfather’s 18th-century values of craftsmanship and care. For example, the Wharton High Desk ($8,400) is made of salvaged Claro Walnut and custom designed to fit the height of each client.


IMG_7243Mary Jane Elgin

Artist Mary Jane Elgin has been exploring the world of ceramics for almost 25 years. Fascinated with the tension between interior and exterior form, she has developed a technique of piercing her ceramics to create landscape scenes reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement. Prices start at $120.



At Spoonflower, independent artists submit their designs, which are then transformed into wallpaper (starting at $5/ft), fabric or wrapping paper, and earning them commission on every sale. The company also strives to serve as an eco-friendly role model: they only print on demand to minimize waste and source organic fabrics and FSC-certified papers.

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