Showroom Spotlight: Playbulbs

PLAYBULB’s innovative LED technology allows you to choose from more than 16 million different color combinations using your smart phone. Products include Color ($79.99), a bulb that includes a wireless built-in speaker and Candle ($19.99), a flameless color-changing LED candle combined with a lavender scent chip. We talked with the company to learn more.

images-2How does Playbulb technology differ from other products on the market?
When we first developed the PLAYBULB concept and what it would stand for, we wanted to ensure that it would be multifaceted in order to create the ultimate lighting experience. We started with the basic idea of ease of use, playfulness, and affordability.

PLAYBULBs use Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Smart technology, both of which are built MIPOW-PLAYBULB-LED-Light-And-Bluetooth-Speaker-4into the latest mobile phones to communicate directly with the PLAYBULB lights. By using Bluetooth technology the user does not need additional devices like a central hub. With its direct phone based control system and the PLAYBULB X mobile app, controlling and customizing lights is easy and convenient for both the tech-savvy and those who are unfamiliar with this kind of technology. Additionally, PLAYBULB’s variety of products at different price points gives households greater freedom to choose how much they want to spend to improve their lighting, an option many competing brands and products do not offer.

In the future, we plan to improve our products by integrating Bluetooth Mesh technology which allows devices to communicate with other devices in range. This means it will become possible to group every Playbulb product in your house and control them directly from one phone, effectively increasing the range and versatility of the products.

Can you talk a little bit about the design process of the Garden product?  

Breaking into the outdoor lighting space was fun. The PLAYBULB garden was our second battery powered PLAYBULB, the first being PLAYBULB candle. We took our three principles—ease of use, playfulness, and affordability—into consideration when designing the garden.

imagesWe wanted to be sure to replicate the same lighting experience as the other PLAYBULB products with the garden. Although seemingly simple, PLAYBULB garden presented a number of unique design challenges. Not only does the garden run on a rechargeable battery, it is also solar powered. In order to create a successful device we needed to optimize the charging ability of the battery and then create an efficient discharging of power to control the LEDs. This, along with the Bluetooth communications, is optimized by the onboard firmware.

Finally, we needed to make the garden waterproof and maximize the light output of the LEDs while also creating a unique and attractive physical design. Our design process for the garden combined industrial, mechanical, electronic, and software production and quality assurance to ensure we created a modern and innovative outdoor product.

There is obviously a playfulness to your products, can you talk a little bit about the mission of the company?

The foundation of MIPOW’s business, especially with the PLAYBULB line, is to create fun experiences with all of our products. We want PLAYBULB products to make users of all ages happier. We saw great potential in lighting and recognized that this is only the beginning of a vast change in households. Standard lighting is exactly that, standard. We take lighting to the next level, making it versatile, engaging, and controllable from the palm of your hand.


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