Showroom Spotlight: Traverse

2_TRAVERSE_V_image_detailWho wants a conference table that’s simply utilitarian? Not many. So you won’t be disappointed with the new Traverse Collection, a collaboration between Okamura and HOK Product Design. These beautifully crafted tables seem to float in the air, yet they can span up to 20 feet in length. At it’s thickest point, the table measures less than one inch and tapers to a knife’s edge.

“Conference rooms today are faced with shrinking room size, as well as the need for integrated and evolving technology. We wanted to bring real, relevant options in table size, while keeping the perception of size to a minimum,” said Susan Grossinger, Senior Vice President and Director of HOK Product Design. “We also wanted the beautiful materiality and scale of the tables to come through, while incorporating power and data connectivity under the table, to allow a clean, cable-free top as well as removal for a wireless future, without marring the table.”

The table is offered in 14 different finishes, including more traditional wood veneers, and also in a variety of colors and patterns; and it comes in oval, boat and rectangular shapes. For more information.

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