Showroom Spotlight: Enduratex Stringray Collection

Stingray PR PhotoFinding products that can withstand the wear and tear of hospitality needs can, at times, be challenging, especially if you are searching for more exotic-looking fabrics. Enduratex recently introduced their Stingray collection, a subtle, pebbly texture reminiscent of its aquatic namesake.

The vinyl fabric is coated with a FORBID SRT topcoat to increase stain resistance while maintaining the luster and softness of the fabric. The company maintains that the topcoat provides maximum resistance against stains such as lipstick, ink, mustard, crayons and denim dye transfer, to name a few.

The product comes in eight shades, including Vixen Mermaid. Sea Grass and Coastal Redwood. The fabric comes in a 54 inch width and a 30 yard roll size. It is mildew-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, and the abrasion resistance is Wyzenbeck (100,000 cycles #10 cotton duck).

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