Workbook: Ooyala by HGA

HGA Architects and Engineers recently completed the office interior design for San Jose-based tech company, Ooyala. The 65,000-square-foot office includes two open office spaces, two innovation rooms, more than 50 conference rooms, a kitchen, espresso cafe, library and gym. The word “ooyala” means “cradle” in the Telugu indian language and so the concept was translated visually through architectural circles and soft curves.

“Our office had to be comfortable for each of our burgeoning departments, as each has its own unique personality – and we wanted to achieve that without overloading our employees with logos and branding everywhere,” said Sally Buchanan, vice president of people at Ooyala. “Our new space accurately reflects who we are and the end result was exactly what we needed as a company.”



As you step into the lobby of Ooyala’s offices, you are met with a warm yet sleek reception area that includes large, round pendant lights evoking the company’s logo.


A couple of prominent circular innovation rooms suggest two cozy structures within a structure, embracing the intention of a “cocoon,” and a safe place to foster brainstorming and creativity.


The collaboration tunnel, a 25-foot-long space inspired by a camera’s zooming qualities, serves as a major focal point of the office. The area includes curved radius walls, which required great precision to align the different materials and color match the paint and carpet into one seamless concept. To enhance functionality, HGA provided back-painted whiteboard spaces and recessed TV monitors for presentation.





The company’s colorful logo materializes in several office and meeting spaces in a clever and functional way.

See the open house video:



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