Creative Karma at NeueHouse Hollywood

By Jack Skelley

image001I’m writing this story from my home office. It has a nice garden view. It is an ideal commute from my bedroom. But it lacks the glamorous advantages of a NeueHouse “co-working” space.

NeueHouse Hollywood, the West Coast iteration of the chic NeueHouse Manhattan work-club, has arrived. Like its NYC sibling, NeueHouse in L.A. attracts sophisticated design members who are well-heeled yet choose not to lease space in some office building.

Before describing the place, let’s get clear on the concept. Co-working attracts travelers, independent contractors and work-at-home professionals to do business, collaborate and socialize. NeueHouse elevates the socializing part with private dining, lounges and gorgeous design that rivals elite clubs such as Soho House.

Hollywood NeueHouse comes with built-in, show-biz synergies. It is part of the nearly $500 million Columbia Square development by Kilroy Realty. The Sunset Boulevard complex includes grade-A creative tenants Viacom, Netflix, Buzzfeed and Fender Guitars (shhh, don’t tell anyone that last part – it’s not announced yet!), plus a new hotel concept: Proper, by Kor Hotel founder Brad Korzen, with interiors by his wife Kelly Wearstler.

NeueHouse appears to have the sweetest spot in the Square: the 1938 CBS Radio Building. It’s a Moderne masterpiece designed by William Lescaze, replete with sculptural curves, Deco portholes, and irreplaceably classic elevator cabs and handrails. The six-floor, 100,000-square-foot space is drenched in entertainment legend. It includes the former Columbia Square Playhouse, where Lucille Ball invented the two-camera shoot. Former recording studios favored by Brian Wilson are now private meeting rooms. If there is such a thing as creative karma in a building, it would be here.

According to NeueHouse Founder James O’Reilly: “The idea is to create a home for people who are like-minded but from different disciplines – a creative collision bringing disparate things together.”

The concept, he says, boils down to “design, hospitality, community and culture.”

When they open a version in West L.A. I’ll submit my application.

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