2016: What’s your professional resolution?


It’s almost 2016 and we decided to ask you what you hope to achieve in the new year. Here’s what you had to say!

CO Architects_Kremkus_Fabian“Goals and wishes: Use virtual reality as a design tool. Design a net zero project. Work with engineers and manufacturers to optimize technology integration to improve sustainability and aid the people that live, learn, work, and research in our buildings. Use simulation to advance how people use our buildings and how our buildings react in a more ideal way to the environment. –  Fabian Kremkus (Left), AIA, LEED GA, Design Principal, CO Architects

“Make time for creativity. Having co-founded Arcsine just a few years before the great recession, saying no to work and crazy schedules wasn’t in our vocabulary. While the current booming economy of the San Francisco Bay Area in particular is extremely welcomed, thoughtful creativity still takes as long as it did before the crash. Clients expect deliverables faster than ever before so  my new year’s resolution is to work collaboratively with our c lients to ensure we all remember to take a deep breath and allow for the best creativity possible to happen. Good design will outlast any shortcuts taken in the schedule.” – Adam Winig, Principal at Arcsine

“Take Risks. Make Mistakes. Learn from them. Move on.” – Michelle Liebling, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED AP
Senior Associate, Design Director, Gensler

Dan_Brunn_AIA_Daniel Schaefer (SC)-36-8x12“With the building industry as the biggest pollutant to our planet, we are looking to reduce our ecological footprint in a meaningful way in 2016. Just as we prefer locally sourced produce, we should source building systems that come from close proximity to project sites. While some materials are certified ecologically friendly, by the time they are transported, most of the gains are lost.” – Dan Brunn (right), AIA, Dan Brunn Architecture, Los Angeles

In 2016 I’ll be finally working on a little dream project for myself. I found a two story 1,200 SF house boat overlooking protected wetlands and the great South Bay on Long Island. I’ll be renovating for myself into a rustic modern beach house as an escape from my busy life in Los Angeles. – Jamie Bush, Jamie Bush + Co 

“In 2016, I would like to collaborate with several Nashville artists to create decorative tile lines that reflect the vibrant lifestyle and influence emerging from that unique community.” – Steve Johnson, Vice President of Product Development, Refine Tile

Continue to evolve our practice, be a place where we grow, educate, contribute, and create wonderful architecture. – Scott Kelsey, FAIA, Managing Principal, CO Architects

“Continuously seeking inspiration and knowledge each day is key towards elevating our strength in design in the New Year. In addition, we are hoping to begin our movement towards expanding Built Inc’s creative outreach globally.” – John Sofio, President and Founder of Built Inc.

“Find opportunities for transformative design that will elevate the direct relationship between human wellbeing and the progress of societies.” – Barbara Bouza, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP, Managing Director, Principal, Gensler

SGS_FlowsTwoWays_IMG_4097“Dreams and resolutions are the reality at Stephen Glassman Studio. Without dreaming, we could not realize. We produce what we dream to transform the world we inhabit.  In 2016, we will further blur the edges of art and architecture as we complete our eight-story waterfront skyline sculpture in Manhattan. “Flows Two Ways” (left) is commissioned by The Durst Organization to complement their new Bjarke Ingels VIA tetrahedron at W57th and the Hudson River. “Flows Two Ways” is an homage to the Hudson River sloop “Clearwater,” Pete Seeger’s final and lasting effort to achieve a clean, clear Hudson River.” – Stephen Glassman, Stephen Glassman Studio 

“My professional resolution for 2016 is to continue to move beyond sustainability towards a restorative architecture that simply, makes more than it takes. More electricity, more fresh air, more edible vegetative surfaces than it consumes.The building not only collects water, but actually creates more water, than it uses. I am particularly excited about further work with the Skywater Atmospheric water generators, where we are actually making water from air, to move towards a 100 percent water self reliance.” – David Hertz, FAIA, Studio of Environmental Architecture  

“As a firm we’ve made a few resolutions for the New Year. From a creative process standpoint, one of our resolutions for 2016 is to sketch more. In today’s digital environment, the art of quick thumbnail sketching during the creative process is sometimes skipped. These sketches oftentimes get the creative juices flowing and spur additional concepts. From an operational standpoint, another one of our resolutions is to think twice before printing documents. While our timesheets and RFI’s are now all digital, the tendency when a new set of drawings comes through is to immediately click print. In an effort to work more environmentally friendly and more efficiently, our team is being cognizant of what really needs to be printed.” – Pat McBride, CEO of The McBride Company

“Environment issues are global issues now.  In China, the speed of development and the low cost construction undermine the potential  growth of green architecture. In Kokaistudios, we view “green” as  more than just energy efficiency, but also an economic and social approach.  For this reason Kokaistudios has focused since our first projects in China in the fields of renovation and adaptive reuse. In 2016, we would like to keep pushing urban renewal and adaptive reuse projects in China.” – Kokaistudios

“I am currently working with an arts related client in Chicago on the programming and predesign for a new building in the heart of the city.  I grew up an hour and a half east of Chicago and my entire career it has been my dream to design and build a building in Chicago.” – Tim Carl, FAIA, LEED AP, CEO of HGA Architects and Engineers 

“Continue to work on exceptional, special projects as we have been thus far able to do (over 60 years now)! Rockefeller Center’s Channel Gardens (completing first year and hoping to continue as it is our honor to do so), international mixed use and resort destinations, like Vadistanbul in Istanbul, Turkey- the largest mixed use project in Turkey, and continue to work for our wonderful clients who appreciate the value of great gardens and realize and appreciate the positive impact they have on their customers as well as on their own bottomline!” – Julie Brinkerhoff-Jacobs, Senior Principal, Lifescapes International

“Have more fun in the office – Our ambition is to bring our office quality of life up… We want to make sure everyone is involved in the as much of the office experience as possible. This will mean bringing people together to talk about design and present projects they are working on. It gives the office a time to bond, but also see what everyone else is working on.” – David Tracz, Principal of //3877 

“Dream projects are easy: couple of hotels in fun and interesting locations. Since we are dreaming, one would be at a ski resort and the other would be Caribbean. The staff could alternate weekly site visits. Resolutions are harder. We are not the kind of firm that waits for the end of the year to figure out what to do or change. We are constantly evolving and if we see a change on the horizon, that’s when we hit the gas to catch it.” – Griz Dwight, Principal and Owner, GrizForm Design Architects

“My New Year’s Resolution is to travel more! Getting out of my every day space to experience something new is vital to sparking my imagination. The paradigm shifts occur when I’m hiking in Norway, or shopping in the Philippine markets, even tasting the savory delectables of the Hawaiian islands has invigorated new visions.” – Cathy Aroz, Senior Product Designer, Oceanside Glasstile 

“My design resolution is to use technology to push boundaries with design.  As a designer it is our job to make our clients happy but sometimes in order to do that we play it safe.  The fun thing about the advances in design technology is that it allows for more creativity using never before seen methods.  We live in an ever evolving world where the old rules of design don’t necessarily apply to the way we live today and how we will live in the future. We can render, prototype and run small scale production quicker and more efficiently than ever before.  I plan to ditch the rules and blaze a new path in design hoping to keep inspiring all of you.” – Stacy Garcia of Stacy Garcia, Inc.


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