AIA|LA Launches Residential Awards

RAA Logo Website Image Page Rev 12_7This year marks the inaugural AIA|LA Residential Architecture Awards (RAA) and the Los Angeles chapter is currently inviting architectural firms of all sizes to submit projects. We spoke with Associate Director Carlo Caccavale, Hon. AIA|LA about the new program.

What was the catalyst for the Residential Architecture Awards?

LA is probably the U.S. capital of edgy, innovative, forward and simply beautiful residential design. In the last few years, we have seen an increase in development, especially at the multi-family residential level. This new award’s program is a way to feature and promote new projects and showcase the way our city is embracing great design and the new densification process. Most projects do not find a place in the more traditional design awards, which collects projects of different natures and many designers are afraid that their project, if submitted, will be obscured by splashier,larger projects. This is a program where apples are compared to apples, so to speak, awarding the projects by categories will allow for the projects themselves to be evaluated within the same group and typology.

Have you settled on jurors?

We have not settled on the jury panel yet and we will finalize it by the end of January. However, we are thinking of bringing the submissions to San Francisco and having a panel of NoCal architects evaluate them. We want a non-biased jury and it will be interesting to see how NoCal professionals will react to LA design.

Do you have a general idea of when the awards ceremony will take place and what the event will look like?

Ideally, it will be a relaxed affair, a cocktail reception at an architecturally significant residential project where the winners will be announced and the projects discussed salon style.


The RAA showcases home design located in the greater Los Angeles area by any qualified AIA member, and AIA|LA members’ work in the typology completed in any location. The categories include: Single Family Homes (small, medium, large); Multi-Family Residential (small, medium, large); Low-Income Housing; Retirement; Restorations/Renovations. Registration is due by Jan. 26, 2016 and submissions due by Mar. 8, 2016.


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