Miami Heat

Publisher Ann Gray spent a week visiting Miami, walking the streets of the up-and-coming Miami Design District. In this photo essay, she shares her highlights from the trip.

  • There is nowhere in Miami where evidence of construction is not visible. Since 2011, developers have announced 202 new towers with over 29,000 new residential units. I guess they forgot the lessons of the recession.
  • The Miami Design District has a few short blocks that are continuous and walkable. This one has nice trees and a couple of excellent restaurants.
  • Fahey Klein Gallery went simple with a goth paint job on an original building.
  • These Elvises and grandma advertise a tea room, and won best use of a vacant lot.
  • How to skin a parking structure for the hedonistic crowd? Miami knows.
  • How you know you have arrived at the Miami Design District? Check out this creative guerilla treatment of a building remnant.
  • The Miami Design District is small but with big aspirations. Egrets stroll through one of the many vacant lots.
  • Thankfully one of the high-end fashion houses has pulled out the stops and done a really beautiful, edgy exterior treatment.
  • Unfortunately big money has poured in and it looks like the really interesting one off showrooms will be overrun.
  • Someone needs to do a study of Miami building skins—crazy, interesting examples.
  • A new design mall in the District features plop art—too too hip for me.

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