Print Lives!

Form A+D TypePushing the Press: the Typecraft Design Library” is an exhibition at the A+D Museum that demonstrates the continued vitality of the print medium. The entire gallery becomes a reference library—of books and art catalogues, posters and prospectuses—that one can browse or carry off to read. That allows visitors to experience the tactile qualities of these pieces, and relish the interplay of typography and images, weight and color. The exhibits, spanning the past 15 years, are drawn from the collection of Typecraft, a century-old printing firm based in Pasadena. It’s a go-to shop for fine printing and for the best graphic designers, and the diversity of work is astounding. Kudos to the curators, Stephen Child and David Mayes, and to the installation by the USC Roski School of Art and Design Special Projects Class. A series of special events provide another reason for attending, along with abundant free parking. The exhibition runs through February 29th.

Form A+D  posterThe A+D Museum, ideally located in a bow-truss warehouse a short walk from SCI-Arc, is just one of the recent arrivals in the industrial zone of downtown LA. Another eagerly awaited migrant is the Hennessy & Ingalls bookstore, which has been priced out of its Santa Monica location. The new store should open in February at 300 Santa Fe Avenue, suite M, across the street from SCI-Arc. It’s located in the One Santa Fe complex, a new landmark by Michael Maltzan Architecture, and it’s the first art and architecture bookstore downtown since the demise of Form Zero, many years ago. Then, this area was a ghost town nights and weekends; now it’s a lively scene, with some of the city’s best restaurants, and a growing population of loft dwellers to animate the sidewalks. Let’s hope they’ve developed a love of books, and the special joy of making discoveries with the aid of a committed staff. —Michael Webb

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