Showroom: SipaBoards


SipaBoards offers the world’s first self-inflating and jet-propelled smart standup paddle board. The innovative design was awarded a 2015 Red Dot Award, taking the honors in the competition’s highest category – the Best of the Best. At this year’s ISPO – the world’s largest multi-segment sports exhibition – SipaBoards was chosen as a finalist in summer hardware category of ISPO Brand New Award.

After initial success of the first campaign, SipaBoards is set to introduce a whole new product line on Kickstarter in March – SipaBoards Air. By user demand, it features a fully-integrated self-inflation system built right into the board. With a touch of a button the automatic pump will ensure that the SipaBoard Air pumps up to the perfect pressure while the paddler gets ready for their session.

A jet-propulsion system know as SipaDrive is hidden inside the plastic housing built into the board, virtually eliminating drag when the engine is off. The SipaDrive is emission-free and barely audible, and provides three hours of fully assisted cruising at a speed of two knots. A bluetooth-enabled remote control on the handle of the carbon and fiberglass paddle controls the engine, while optional built-in LED lights offer safety in evening waters. Starts at $1,640.



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