Showroom: CycleBoard

CycleBoard 1


Alternative ways to move continue to be alluring options for consumers—from electric bikes to the ill-fated hover board. The latest offering, the CycleBoard ($899), combines a battery operated scooter with a safer, three-wheel design. It’s intuitive lean-to-steer system, smartphone attachment and wheel placement also sets it apart, plus it costs one-seventh of the price of a traditional Segway.

The CycleBoard can reach speeds of 20 mph and travel a distance of 15 to 20 miles on average terrain with average size riders. Each CycleBoard comes equipped with a 48-volt 10ah battery pack and a standard 2 amp battery charger that has an approximate re-charge time of three to five hours. You can also pre-order an upgraded 3amp charger with an approximate recharge time of two to three hours.

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