Workbook: Hegel Apartment

  • Living room
  • Living room with view to the kitchen
  • Dining nook
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom


Situated in Polanco, one of the most exclusive districts in Mexico City, the interior renovation of this apartment was based on reflecting the user’s lifestyle. The goal was to redistribute the existing space into a more functional studio and living space for a young graphic designer.

Old service areas were converted into new bathrooms, a breakfast nook and storage space by the designer Arqmov Workshop . A polycarbonate-roofed conservatory was built in what had been an unused, dusty room. An extra bedroom was added and the kitchen was opened up to flow into the living room.

The removal of old carpets, wall finishes and drop ceilings uncovered perfectly polished concrete floors, which were sealed and left exposed in the common areas. Similarly, the designer exposed the existing waffle slab and added a foot to the height of the rooms, plus the depth of the coffers themselves.

The recycling of construction materials was of paramount importance for this project. Discarded materials from demolition sites were collected; for instance, wooden floorboards were selected from an old building in the Colonia Condesa, painted with different colors and used to dress columns whose condition required a new finish.

Colorful elements offer contrast to the concrete. For instance, synthetic materials such as aubergine-purple polyester for the kitchen cabinetry sit alongside the raw materials used in the breakfast bench (a recycled timber beam) and the metallic tube in the style of a bus stop which forms the seating.

Photography by Rafael Gamo; courtesy of v2com.

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