FORM Q&A: Building with LEGOs

We recently spoke with LEGO Senior Vice President for Business Services, Claus Flyger Pejstrup, on the planned expansion of HQ offices in Denmark, and how the company will capture the playful LEGO feeling into the architecture.

441149Can you describe the key components of the expansion project?

What we are sharing today is the specific plan for a new office building, which will serve as the  global gathering point for all employees. Naturally, part of the building will be regular office space, but it will also—very importantly—house a lot of more informal functions. So we really hope that it will feel like a home-away-from home to our employees. The architecture includes several recognizable features modelled over well-known LEGO elements, and that LEGO feeling is followed through inside as well, which we are very happy about, because it is important to us to have a  building that truly conveys the playfulness, creativity and imagination that LEGO play is all about.

Part of the plan includes a Sustainable Materials Centre. Can you tell us a little bit more about it and why it’s important to create such a center? 

We announced our investment in the search for sustainable materials last year, and it is true that at some point we plan for the center to have a building here in Billund as well. This new office building is not for that purpose, though. Even though the centre does not yet have a building with its name on it, we are full speed ahead working on finding the new material for LEGO bricks. So far, we have hired more than 50 employees who are already working specifically on the sustainable materials strategy.

441150Can you tell us what facilities will be included in the LEGO People House? Did you get any employee input?

LEGO People House is very much based on input from employees. We have involved hundreds of employees in the process, through workshops and other kinds of engagement, to get their input on what they would like LEGO People House to be. It will include both more regular things like a gym and coffee shops, but also several facilities with a very informal, home-like feeling, even living rooms, workshop spaces for all sorts of activities, room for cultural activities like music or artwork. Furthermore, we have many employees from all over the world visiting Billund for several weeks at a time, for instance, for training or participation in various projects, and in order for them to feel more comfortable and at home, LEGO People House will also include a number of short-term apartments. So it is truly a mix of many activities and functions, all of which our employees have been involved in.

What is the timeline of the project?

We plan to begin the construction in the beginning of 2017. The construction process will be in three phases, and the building is planned to be completed in 2020.

What architects are you working with?

The new office building is designed by C.F. Møller, a Danish architecture company.




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