Halloween Comes Early

Photo-Joshua_White-jwpictures.com-5018Trick or treaters should flock to LACMA to see the exhibition, Guillermo del Toro: at Home with Monsters. Del Toro is a Mexican movie director who specializes in horror and fantasy, creating work of extraordinary beauty that may also give you sleepless nights. He divides his time between Mexico City, Toronto, and Los Angeles—where he has installed his burgeoning collections in a pair of suburban dwellings he calls Bleak House. There, a few favored guests can explore his cabinet of curiosities, which range from vintage art works to manuscripts and movie props.

LACMA has selected about 500 of these items and has recreated the house in its galleries. Mannequins of Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Frankenstein and his bride take you back to the classics of the genre; nameless creatures writhe in pools of blood and claws reach out to grab the unwary in video montages of recent productions. The collection is a portrait of Del Toro’s boundless imagination and his chief source of inspiration. Every turn brings a fresh surprise. Come Halloween, the exhibition will be on tour, so be sure to see it now. —Michael Webb

Photo by Joshua White

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