Event: RICS “A Vision for Hollywood”

Columbia Square photoThe historic CBS west-coast radio studio, designed in 1936 by William Lescaze, was considered the most modern technology facility of its time. It was where Lucille Ball filmed her pilot, where James Dean worked as an usher, and where Bob Dylan recorded albums. Today, Kilroy Realty has undertaken the development of Columbia Square to create a modern interpretation of a studio lot with a mix of office, retail and residential spaces amongst the original buildings.  Please join guest speakers, Carl Muhlstein, Regional Director, JLL and Bob Hale, Partner, Rios Clementi Hale Studios, discuss the project sponsored by the RICS Southern California chapter. We asked Hale to tell us more about the project as a special preview for the event.

Can you describe the vision of the project and your contributions to it? 

Kilroy Realty Corporation hired Rios Clementi Hale Studios, along with a team of architects, designers, and consultants, to bring the new, creative class back to Hollywood, using a blend of adaptive re-use with new construction. Kilroy’s vision was to design a creative campus with an environment that would evolve Columbia Square’s legacy as a central hub of the entertainment industry by appealing to Los Angeles’ new high-tech community desiring a true Hollywood location. The scope of our work as design architect includes master planning, renovation of existing buildings, architectural design of new office buildings, design of the new 200-unit residential tower, landscape architecture, site furniture, and signage.

How did you create a cohesive design concept connecting the various studio buildings? 

Rios Clementi Hale Studios collaborated with House & Robertson Architects, GBD Architects, and the Historic Resources Group to redevelop and design the site—a designated LA historic cultural monument. Our strategy included the restoration of important International Style-buildings designed by William Lescaze, as well as the transformation of the entire property to meet the demands of the current real estate market and entertainment industry. Those requirements were met in a highly sustainable manner that leveraged the history of the site and the life of its surrounding urban neighborhood.

How did you transform the space into a contemporary vision while staying true to its historic roots? 

The new Columbia Square reuses former studio spaces as well as storefronts, and creates new bungalow offices, as part of a broader strategy of supporting a wholly collaborative, creative industry campus. Two six-story creative office buildings have grand lobbies starting deep in the floor plate and spilling out to the landscaped plazas and paths. Flexible floorplates are organized around the inner service cores to expose workspaces to as much light as possible and provide great flexibility to arrange the most effective workspaces for each tenant. The architectural language of expressed horizontality and exterior overhangs, which create great exterior spaces, were adapted from the original Lescaze buildings to help visually and spatially connect the old buildings with the new. Ground-floor access to tenant spaces encourage an activated courtyard. The landscape serves as an accessible and sustainable resource and extended workspace, beautifying the block and providing benefits to the entire neighborhood.

Event details:

Date: Saturday, September 24, 2016

Time: 10am to 12pm

Location: 6121 Sunset Blvd. Meet at the Courtyard next to the Valet area.



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