French Wizardry: Odile Decq come to LA

form-decqOdile Decq, a French architect who is as much a work of art as her buildings, will give a lecture on December 9th at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This is the latest in a 25-year series of lectures organized by Francesca Garcia Marques and it has brought 13 Pritzker laureates (plus younger architects who may be future laureates) to LA.

This latest presentation is not to be missed, for Decq is going from strength to strength, and constantly widening the scope and scale of her practice. Major achievements include the daringly cantilevered Events space in Lyon—a city in which she has opened her own architectural school; the MACRO art museum in Rome, and another museum in China. Connoisseurs may have eaten at Phantom, her scarlet dining room in the Paris Opéra, and ventured to the periphery to explore Le Cargo, an incubator for start-ups that’s part of a huge redevelopment. Forget the office parties for a night; this event promises to be much more rewarding. Decq’s lecture is at 7.30pm. Purchase tickets now.—Michael Webb

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