They say change is inevitable.  But no one said that it was easy.  And within the architectural and design community of Los Angeles and Southern California, change is with us on a continual basis.  So it should come as no surprise that a respected publication such as FORM: PIONEERING DESIGN should be carried by the winds of change as well.  Particularly for myself, since I am no stranger to FORM.

I began my journey with Ann Gray, distinguished architect and publisher of Balcony Press.  She had – at the behest of her colleagues – agreed to take on the task of creating a companion periodical for the AIA/LA in 2000.   LA Architect came into being, and I came on board soon after to sell advertising.  It was a heady period.  Even with my past experience in publishing, I was fresh out of ‘retirement’, having lived abroad for many years.  Every step in creating a publication geared for such a sophisticated readership required extensive research, and certainly there were mis-steps.  However, there were also great successes, including design walks and build-out collaborations such as ‘Fine Living 2020’.  And largely due to Ann’s shrewd business savvy – and her eye for talent – the magazine flourished.

In 2007, we transformed into FORM: PIONEERING DESIGN.  With fresh new graphics and more ambitious scope into a broader, more international community, we pushed boundaries yet again, though still tapping the vast resources of the extraordinary talent of Southern California.  FORM flourished, even as I made my own departure.

And as inevitable as change, so was my return.  Southern California’s architecture and design community is a powerful magnet.  I had added an art gallery to my roster of ‘dreams realized’ and moved on, looking for possibly one last opportunity to fulfill that last elusive dream of having all ambitions realized in one package.  Then came the opportunity to carry on the legacy of FORM.

 So what is FORM: PIONEERING DESIGNIt is still – and will remain – very much the brainchild of a brilliant architect and publisher.  However, beginning as a website, and with the great talent of our Managing Editor, Jiyeon Yoo,  and graphic vision of Peter Scherrer of Studio Mousetrap, FORM is expanding – as it must – into a greater interactive world of media, including our re-introduction into print January 2019.  Our content will be derived from contributions from thought leaders in all aspects of design, including architecture, product design, and fine art.

It is with great pleasure that I can say that we – myself and FORM: PIONEERING DESIGN – are back.

Jerri Levi, Publisher

Form Magazine

Author: Form Magazine

FORM: pioneering design, a publication that celebrates Southern California’s contribution to architecture, design, and the visual arts.