Throwback Thursday: Sounds and the City

In 2008, FORM magazine’s Technology issue was full of innovation: the latest kitchen gadgets such as Miele’s RemoteVision WiFi technology; an ambitious desalinization project by Emergent ...
Form Goldstein

Lautner to LACMA

Break out the Champagne! One of John Lautner’s greatest houses, located on a view site in Beverly Hills, has been promised to LACMA by its owner, James Goldstein. This is cause for celebration ...
Lovejoy 12 Left Far Dark revised

FORM Q&A: The Architectural Team

  In 1971, The Architectural Team (then known as the Boston Architectural Team, Inc.) opened its doors and began rehabilitating the 19th century bow-front buildings on West Newton Street in Bost...

Miami Heat

Publisher Ann Gray spent a week visiting Miami, walking the streets of the up-and-coming Miami Design District. In this photo essay, she shares her highlights from the trip.