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Urbanscreen "Spacing" in Münster

A 70*20m large architecture-projection produced for the “Internationale Tanztage Münster” in May 2010. Dance, graphics, sound & architecture united to a site specific scenographic staging.

"Spacing" is a translation of certain aspects of choreography into a Lumentecture-setting. The lead-inspiration for the motion graphics and the video-mapping is the choreography, even though both maintain their self-contained aesthetical and spatial concept. Developing the graphics, the main focus lay on having a spatial interpretation discernable only through presence and movement of the dancers. This creates the appearance of a stage. The virtual three-dimensionality is merely hinted at graphically, deliberately relinquishing a 3D-video-mapping.

As a result of this abstraction the observers percipience switches between graphical and spatial, depending on the dancers as the frame of reference. The dancer defines the spatial latitude through his presence and movement. Lumentecture’s versatile design elements allow a visualization of the interdependency between the dancer and the surrounding space, also referred to in contemporary dancing. The projection’s direct urban surrounding was another reference point. At the narrow, almost constricted projection-site in the “Stubengasse”, the building projected on takes up the entire field of view. The audience has to turn left and right during the show, in order to overlook the whole façade. Both the given sense of space and the resulting, special characteristics of the narration are woven into the projection.

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