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Woodbury University: The Very Many Processes


As a designer, it is hard to admit failure. One's work should be the true embodiment of their ideas and motives and therefore any criticism is usually met with a hostile defense from the creator. That is a present discourse in architecture today. We see it all around us within studio, but sometimes it's not the point of admitting to failure; instead, it’s about learning from it in order to grow and progress forward. That is the pure essence of Marc Fornes and his studio THEVERYMANY.

Woodbury University has had the extreme pleasure in exhibiting the works created by Mr. Fornes on Friday evening in its Ahmanson Main Space in Burbank. Fornes, instead of praising his own works, speaks of failure, going from one project to the next. He was never satisfied, and only used what he had learned from the previous project in order to apply to and advance forward into the next project. From the idea (the conception), into a rhinoscript (the algorithm), and finally into the built-form (the physical), theverymany is what I interpret as "the very many processes". I would encourage any architect/designer to check out THEVERYMANY for its application of the script and algorithm, the delicate representation of drawings, and the pristine eye of renderings through techniques of field of depth, an important quality of dimensional projects. 

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