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LAIAD Lecture by Joe Day of Deegan Day Design

A few weeks ago we had a lecture by guest speaker Joe Day of Deegan Day Design, who also serves on the design faculty board at SCI-Arc.  The lecture was held at the Telemachus Studio located in The Brewery, a downtown art community.  LAIAD’s Co-Director and Design Studio Instructor, Carl Smith, is a partner at Telemachus Studio with his wife Melynda Eccles.  The studio functions as a workspace as well as their living unit.  The Brewery is a 22-building complex consisting of historic industrial structures, and the studios open their doors a few times a year for an Art Walk.  Telemachus Studio was extremely cool to us students due to the industrial feel and the design that Carl and Melynda created.  The studio consists of high ceilings, wood beams, metal rods, steel stairs, brick walls, and most importantly…several catwalks! 

View more images of the studio after the jump!

Above: the catwalk on the second level that peers over the main room downstairs, where our lecture was held.

Above: Peering down from the catwalk onto the lecture area

Above: The other end of the catwalk that enters into the guest room

Above: The stairway down from the other side of the guest bedroom if heights are an issue!

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