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Sketch or Stretch at USC School of Architecture

On November 17th, Quingyun Ma, dean of USC’s School of Architecture since 2007, identifies the multiple facets in architectural design. In Sketch or Stretch, Ma exposes the multi-dimensions of architecture, from its conception to its final product- design and construction. He emphasizes the final product is an integration of input and compromise among those involved, from the client, the city, and engineers, to the design team.

Along with an open-mind comes exploration

For instance, Ma opens up to the public and shows his house as a current example, notable for its wrapping and configuration. Its experimental, bubbly exterior, which is composed of generic, economic glass vaults and blue stucco, contrasts its white, minimal interior. Its design was aimed to redefined its entry and design interest.

Ma's residence, along with other works mentioned (such as Vanke Corporation Gardens, Assisted Living Court,  Thumb Island, and Sport Facility) exemplifies the dynamic process in executing a concept.

Based on the projects discussed, each design project runs on different mechanisms and composes different paths. He encourages all ideas are possible and are to be pushed and executed. With the collection of projects featured, Ma demonstrates the evolution of creating an idea, either realistic or weird, into something more substantial.


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