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Woodbury University: The Very Many Processes

As a designer, it is hard to admit failure. One's work should be the true embodiment of their ideas and motives and therefore any criticism is usually met with a hostile defense from the creator. That is a present discourse in architecture today. We see it all around us within studio. but sometimes it's not the point of admitting to failure; instead, it’s about learning from it in order to grow and progress forward. That is the pure essence of Marc Fornes and his studio THEVERYMANY.


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USC First Year Fall Studio - Student Exhibition

On display is a selection of digital drawings, diagrams, and physical models from two new studio assignments that explore spatial organization, formal development, and movement/sequence in the 1D (linear) and 2D (field) schemes. Selected student projects will be shown from all nine studio sections.

Location: Lower Rosendin Gallery
Duration: November 8-12, 2010


Water Balloon Fight for Architecture for Humanity at USC


Architecture for Humanity Los Angeles at USC hosted a water balloon fight with students and faculty of the School of Architecture.

Thereafter, everyone took a glance at the projects Architecture for Humanity is working on. Architecture for Humanity gives students a chance to augment their education by working on projects that are build-able, useful and humanitarian.

It was an informal event which was an amalgamation of entertainment and knowledge. It gave a common platform for students and professors to discuss social, political and architectural issues affecting the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.


Taking the Long View: Design and the Nonprofit

To be born to die, we need more soul in our environment.” – Lily Jenck

On Wednesday, November 3rd, USC’s Vision and Voices held a lecture and discussion, Taking the Long View: Design and the Nonprofit. It consisted of two keynote speakers: landscape architect Lily Jenck, representing Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres and Cameron Sinclair, a co-founder of Architecture for Humanity. Representing nonprofit organizations, both guest speakers presented their approach in design- sustainability, cultural, and spiritual aspects, humanitarianism, education, and healthcare, their parallels and differences.

From both aspects, these organizations demonstrate green design to not only conserve the environment but to sustain mankind’s basic needs, physically, spiritually, and economically. As a result, exposing their diligent developments questions the architecture and its impact on many levels.


Free AIA/LA Memberships for Full Time Architecture & Design Students

Just wanted to let students know if they were not already aware that full time students can receive a free membership to the AIA/LA.

Visit to apply for membership!

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