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Taking the Long View: Design and the Nonprofit

To be born to die, we need more soul in our environment.” – Lily Jenck

On Wednesday, November 3rd, USC’s Vision and Voices held a lecture and discussion, Taking the Long View: Design and the Nonprofit. It consisted of two keynote speakers: landscape architect Lily Jenck, representing Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres and Cameron Sinclair, a co-founder of Architecture for Humanity. Representing nonprofit organizations, both guest speakers presented their approach in design- sustainability, cultural, and spiritual aspects, humanitarianism, education, and healthcare, their parallels and differences.

From both aspects, these organizations demonstrate green design to not only conserve the environment but to sustain mankind’s basic needs, physically, spiritually, and economically. As a result, exposing their diligent developments questions the architecture and its impact on many levels.